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Disfrutar – inside the World’s Best Restaurant

Barcelona’s haute cuisine restaurant ‘Disfrutar’ has been named the World’s Best Restaurant in the 22nd edition of the prestigious ranking “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants.”

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With this accolade, head chefs and creators Mateu Casañas, Oriol Castro, and Eduard Xatruch have added another star to the Catalan culinary constellation, joining the ranks of renowned establishments such as  El Bulli, El Celler de Can Roca, and many others.

The name “Disfrutar,” which means “enjoy” in Spanish, reflects the restaurant’s philosophy of offering visitors an extraordinary dining experience that goes beyond just food, tapping into their senses, emotions, and memories.

Gerard Escaich Folch joins Lea Beliaeva Bander to chat about the restaurant’s gastronomic success and its origins.

We also visit Disfrutar, located in the heart of Barcelona’s Eixample district, and catch up with Eduard Xatruch, who shares some of the secrets behind the exclusive eatery and explains what guests can expect when they walk through the doors.

This week, Xatruch brings us the Catalan phrase: “No diguis blat fins que estigui al sac i ben lligat,” which literally translates to “Don’t say wheat until it’s harvested and secured,” akin to the English “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.”

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